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Liberty University is a school with plenty of restrictions set upon students activities that most other schools do not enforce. The rules do not allow students in a relationship to kiss or show that level of affection on campus, nor are males allowed in female doors or vice versa.

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These rules are put in place because of the strong Christian worldview held by the University. The rules set in place are not frustrating to most, but individuals who do not share the same Christian beliefs may find these rules frustrating.

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The most frustrating thing about my school is the lack of parking spaces. The student body at Liberty University is very diverse. There are students from all fifty states as well as international students. With this many people it is hard for the administration to create enough parking on campus.

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This causes many students to have to walk very long distances to get their car. This can be quite a hassle for students who work, or for students who are trying to make it back by the curfew that Liberty has set in place. The most frustrating thing about my school is definitely the strict rules.

I agree with the rules against drinking, drug usage and other related rules, but some of them are just rediculous. For example we have a dress code that we have to abide by and we also have a midnight curfew. Another one that really bothers me is the rule against girls entering the guys dorms and vice versa. I think if they would adjust these rules or even modify them then the school would grow in student enrollment drastically.

The most frustrating thing at Liberty would be the rules. If you came from a home that did not have a curfew, let you sleep at whoevers house you wanted, allowed you to skip class, and miss school meetings, you are in for a rude awakening. We have a curfew, we must attend convocation, we cannot kiss, or go into dorms of the opposite.

These rules may seem trivial and not necessary but it is designed to keep you away from temptation. They keep your integrety up and help you to live a life that people admire.

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One of the most frustrating things about my school is the fact that there are more students on campus than there should be. Students are already made to have three to a dorm room, but there is an oppurtunity to pay more and live with just one roommate. Well this past year Liberty accepted more students than they had space for and the students who had planned on living with two to a room, ended up living three to a room, because there was simply not enough dorm space to accommodate them.

The most frustrating thing about my school Liberty University is the admissions process. I do not live in the state and my schooling will be done online. During my admissions process instead of speaking to one person throughout the application, I have to speak to many people.


This is frustrating because I have to repeat my circumstances almost each phone call. It's not the worst experience; however having one person to speak to would make it a much smoother transition. The school does not have a large campus, nor the amount of professors that larger schools have. However, the acceptance policies are very liberal, and so the campus is outrageously overcrowded. On top of the crowds, there are just a lot of students who are here simply because they were accepted, but do not really want to be here.

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At Liberty University, college students are free to be college students. Proper respect must be shown to all individuals at all times. Harassment of any type will not be tolerated. Handholding is the only appropriate form of personal contact. Improper personal contact or other forms of public display are considered in poor taste.

After dusk, students should not be alone with an individual of the opposite sex in any unlighted area such as the ball fields, parking lots, parked cars, ravine or other wooded areas, etc. This is considered improper social behavior. Restricted Areas on Campus A student may not be alone with an individual of the opposite sex in the academic classrooms or offices.

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